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5 Reasons Every Business Needs A Blog

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If you have a business, you need a website. If you have a website, you need a blog. Here are 5 reasons a business needs a blog for their website.

What Is a Blog?

5 reasons every business needs a blog

A blog is a type of page where the owner creates posts. A post can be anything from a simple list of services, an offer of a discount, or a lengthy article. Blog posts are usually not created by the web designer, but by the business owner.

The designer will create the blog template that each post will be displayed on.

A company’s website like ours at doesn’t change much. That’s because it usually means the designer (me) has to go into the page through the dashboard and make any changes. Then when all changes have been made, they need to check to make sure everything still looks ok on all platforms.

A blog, however is designed with the client in mind. The main page and post templates have all been created by the designer. The client (or whomever they designate this task to) can create and edit posts, almost as simple as using a program like Microsoft Word to create documents. The client can upload photos, change text colors and fonts, even insert links to other websites. All without getting a designer involved.

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But Blogs Are For Individuals, Not Businesses, Right?

Wrong. Blogs are everywhere. News sites like, tech sites like Ars Technica, even health sites like WebMD. Those are all basically blogs. They contain posts created by reporters and other people in their organization. You’re reading a blog right now.

5 Reasons Every Business Needs A Blog

Still not convinced? Check out these reasons.

Reason 5. Increased Engagement With Your Customers

Maybe you’re a service business like a plumber or an electrician. People only call you when they have a need, like a new water heater or changing out wiring. The rest of the time you have no interaction with them. Encouraging customers to subscribe to your blog can keep your company name in front of them so the next time they need a service they will think of you first.

Or you’re a business that services customers regularly, like pest control or lawn care. An informative blog lets your customers see what your company is up to in between service calls.

Reason 4. Convey Information About Your Business

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A blog is a good way for businesses to let customers know about sales and specials. You’re a hair salon and your saving a sale on coloring, or a restaurant with a Thursday night drink special. People who subscribe to your blog will get this in their mailbox, which could spur them to make an appointment or come in for dinner.

Reason 3. Consumer Help

Back to the plumber. A good series of articles would be “how to”. How to fix a leaky faucet, how to clear a drain clog. The lawn care company could post the best time to plant trees, or the proper way to water a garden. People appreciate these tips and might think better about your company because you’re helping them. For free.

Reason 2. Community Service

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Businesses that have a good community service presence are looked at as being better “neighbors”. But if your customers don’t know about your community service efforts, then they won’t see how good of a neighbor you are. That’s why a business needs a blog. Show them how you sponsor the local youth basketball team, encourage blood drives, donate services to senior centers, etc. All of this is good on its on, but the added effect of your customers knowing about it can help your business while you help your community.

And The Number One Reason Every Business Needs A Blog Is…

It helps your SEO. Like I said in the beginning, most websites don’t change much. Google likes to see fresh content. Having a blog ensures that the content on your website is constantly updated. This can have the effect of helping you rank higher than those other sites (especially the DIY sites that don’t have a blog option). For more about SEO, see my article here.

So those are 5 reasons a business needs a blog. If any of you can think of any more, please leave a comment.

Yes, Your Business Needs A Blog. Here’s How To Get One

South Metro Web Designs has a blog option for every website we create. A standard blog page from one of our in-house built designs is only $99 added on to a web development and design package. See our blog designs here. And of course we show you the basics of how to post and optimize your posts for SEO (yes, you need to do that). And we are always there to answer any questions.


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