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8 Services You Didn’t Know Your Web Design Company Offered

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When you think about a web design company, you think of, of course, web design. What you may not know is a good web design company also offers many other services. Here are 8 services you didn’t know your web design company offered.

1 – Maintenance
2 – SEO services
3 – Search console management
4 – Ad services
5 – Hosting
6 – Content creation
7 – Graphic and logo services
8 – Social media


Did you know that a website needs constant maintenance? Just like your house or car, you just can’t leave them to tend to themselves.

A website isn’t just a bunch of code sitting on a server. Today’s websites run on complex software, called a CMS (Content Management System). The CMS that manages over a third of the worlds websites is WordPress.

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WordPress is a free CMS that relies on other software, called plugins. Both WordPress and the assorted plugins that accompany it are updated constantly. The updates are to make sure it’s compatible with other software, to fix any bugs that have been discovered, and to improve security,

It’s not unusual to see 7 – 8 updates within a week.

A web design company that offers maintenance will perform periodic updates on their customer’s websites (we do it weekly), and just as important, we make sure the updates are safe to run.

This is something that you can do for yourself, but you might best leave it to a professional.

SEO Services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is creating your website so people can find it when searching for your products or services. A good Web design company will insure that the proper keywords are inserted in your site, and the title and snippet reflect your company. This, called “on-page SEO”, and it’s included with every website we build. See “All About SEO

Business Profile Management

Google offers a lot of tools to help you get your website out to people. One is called “Google Business Profile”. This is where you tell Google details about your business, such as services, hours, service areas, business location, etc. You can post updates, links to blog posts (yes you need a blog, you can find out here why). This is a lot to manage, as you need to constantly update it. Google likes new content. Many web design companies offer a service to manage this for you (us included). This can help to free you up to run your business instead of your website.

Ad Services

Ads can be an important part of getting your name out to potential customers. You can spend as little, or as much as you want. The problem is monitoring and managing them. Making sure your money is paying to reach the right people. A web design company may offer a service to manage your ad business for you.


Hosting is the server that stores the files that run your website. You can purchase this on your own, or many web design companies (like us) offer this. Many times as a part of a package. We include it with our maintenance package, for example. See our hosting package here.

Content Creation

Some web design companies just put the text you send them in the pages. Others can create (or help create) content for you. This gives you the advantage of having someone who knows what to include in a page to help with SEO. We offer content creation as one of our services.

Graphic And Logo Design

Graphics are super important to a website. We humans want the content, but we want it in a setting that is visually appealing. That is why good graphics are essential for a website. Many web design companies offer anything from basic photo editing to advanced graphic and logo creation. If they don’t mention that on their website, ask. If they don’t offer it, they can usually point you in a good direction.

Social Media

Some companies will have a social media account instead of a website, thinking that is all that they need. In realty, they need both. Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) can act as advertisement for your website.

There is a limited amount of information a business can put on social media, but an unlimited amount can go on a website.

Some web design companies offer to manage various social media accounts for a company. This is something we offer.

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