Promote your cause

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A Blog can be your way to promote your cause. South Metro Web Designs can help you reach those in your community, or anywhere in the world.

Home schooling

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Many home schoolers use blogs to share resources, teaching techniques, and other ways to educate their children.

Earn an income

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Ads and affiliate links can earn income for a blogger.

Teach a class

You’re good at something. Use your blog to teach a class. Maybe it’s flower arraignments, design, tech, whatever.


Everybody talks about your cooking. whether it’s baking, pastries, desserts, or down home comfort foods. Use your blog to show off your recipes.

Share your travels

You travel a lot, keep a log of where you go, what you do, things you eat.

A visually appealing blog

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Here at South Metro Web Designs, we want to help you create a blog that is both practical and visually appealing. The top image can be whatever you want, you pick the colors, the fonts, we put it all together for you. We can show you the basics how to use WordPress to express yourself […]

A place to tell your story

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South Metro Web designs can build your blog. A place to tell your story. Talk about you, your family, whatever.