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The Top 5 Password Managers

top 5 password managers

Password managers are a must in today’s internet. Here I look at the top ones and evaluate them on security, ease of use, and cost. In summary, a password manager stores your encrypted passwords in a vault that is only accessible by using a master password. The ones we’re going to look at are (in […]

2-Factor Authentication (2FA). Free Simple Protection


When protecting your valuable information, 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a wise choice. Here’s what it is and how to use it. Passwords are only the first step to good Security Every online account we have requires a password. And it can get overwhelming choosing one. That’s why so many people wind up using the same […]

Last Gasp For LastPass?

last gasp for lastpass

LastPass has just suffered a major breach, and is passing it off as much of nothing. Let’s dig into the details of what might be LastPass’ last gasp. In my article “A LastPass Primer“, I talked about how the system worked, and why they were my password manager of choice. I’m starting to rethink that […]