5 Reasons Every Business Needs A Blog

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If you have a business, you need a website. If you have a website, you need a blog. Here are 5 reasons a business needs a blog for their website. What Is a Blog? A blog is a type of page where the owner creates posts. A post can be anything from a simple list […]

18 Features Your Website Should Have (And 3 It Shouldn’t)

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So you have a website. Maybe you built it yourself or used an agency. You need to make sure your site has these 18 features, and doesn’t have the 3. These are in no particular order, each one is just as important as the next. Domain Name I mean your own domain name, not the […]

What Is SSL And Why Do I Need It?


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an internet protocol designed to secure transactions on the web and other apps. Here I will attempt to explain what it is, and why you need it on your website. I previously talked about keeping your passwords safe, now I’m talking about keeping your information safe. What is SSL? SSL […]

Renting Has It’s Advantages. Just Not For Websites

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When it comes to your home or transportation, renting can be advantageous. But for your website, it’s not a good idea. Here I will explain what website renting is, and tell you why it’s bad for your business. Owning vs. Renting Owning your own home is said to be the American dream. But depending on […]

WordPress vs. WordPress. What’s The Difference?

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If you’re new to the website world, maybe you’re thinking of starting a blog, or attempting to build you’re own site, you may come across WordPress.com, and WordPress.org. What’s the difference? Well, you’ve come to the right place for an answer. What is WordPress? WordPress is free, open-source software (a CMS, or Content Management System) […]

8 Services You Didn’t Know Your Web Design Company Offered

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When you think about a web design company, you think of, of course, web design. What you may not know is a good web design company also offers many other services. Here are 8 services you didn’t know your web design company offered. 1 – Maintenance2 – SEO services3 – Search console management4 – Ad […]

How To Increase Your Web Traffic

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So you’ve started a business, and now have a website to go with it and you’re looking for major web traffic. Maybe you went with one of these do-it-yourself site builders, or had it built for you by a developer/designer (like us). That’s it right? That’s all you need. Now folks will beat down your […]

Most Popular Hacked Passwords

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If your password to anything is in the top 10 most hacked passwords, you’re just asking to be hacked. In this article I’m going to attempt to explain how your passwords may be insecure, and how to secure them. Passwords, we all hate them. I mean, why do I have to jump through hoops just […]

How Long Should It Take to Build a Website?

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How long should a web design take? The length of time to build a website, including development and design all depends on the customer’s wants and needs. After all, they are in charge of the final design. This is a follow up to my article What To Expect When Building A Website. Development and Design […]