Frequently Asked Questions

Are websites really $595?

$595 covers the initial cost of creating your 4-page website. There are additional costs involved, and we at South Metro Web Designs believe in up front pricing.

You will need to register a domain name (,, etc). You can expect to pay between $12 – $15 per year. We can help you with this process. 

Hosting is also required. In a nutshell, hosting is a web server where the files and software that make up your website reside so your site can be accessed by the world. We provide hosting, but you are free to use another hosting service if you wish (see below for hosting requirements). This is referred to as a “self hosted” site. Hosting with South Metro Web Designs is  $79 per year.

Hosting is included with a maintenance plan (see below).

We also use Elementor Pro as our web design software along with custom HTML and CSS. The license for Elementor is $49 per year, but we also include the cost of that along with hosting in our maintenance plan.

How do templates work?

All of our templates are created in house by us and are fully customizable to your needs. The backgrounds, colors, photos, and text are for display purposes. You will decide what photos go on your page. You supply the text. You also pick the colors and fonts.

This is your website, we are just the tool.

We build your site using WordPress. A content management system (CMS) that 35% of the world’s websites run on, along with various plugins, custom HTML and CSS

Our templates can be seen here

Do you build custom websites?

Yes, we offer custom built sites based on your wants and needs. Unlimited pages. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.

How about e-commerce?

We can build your online store, Sell your products or services.

If you need an online ordering system for your restaurant, we have a solution for that as well.

All of this will be custom built for you. contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.

What is included with web hosting?

Our web hosting plan includes 2 GB of storage, SSL, plus 10 email accounts. This package is $79 per year. No contracts. Click here for more information on hosting.

Hosting is included with a maintenance plan

What about blogs?

Blogs start at $195. This includes a basic one page blog and beginner training on how to create posts and optimize your posts for SEO.  Hosting and domain not included. Additional pages start at $95. We can provide blog hosting for $79 per year. See our blog page here.

Is email included? How do I access it?

Yes, ten email accounts (,, etc.) are included with a hosting plan. You just tell us what you want them to be.

Don’t need all ten right now? That’s OK, we can add them ad hoc for a small fee, or with a maintenance plan we can add them as you desire. And we can also give you instructions on how to do this yourself.

The best way to access your email on PC, Android, or ios is through Gmail or Apple mail. We can help you set up your Gmail or Apple mail account to receive emails from your various email addresses. Thunderbird email from the makers of the Firefox web browser is also very easy to setup on a PC or mac to access your email.

Who owns my website?

Short answer. You.
Upon completion of the project, you will have an administrator login and password that will give you complete control over the files that make up your website. You are free to do to and with them as you please. You could even delete them (not a good idea). 
It is very important to keep this login and password secure, never give it to anyone you don’t absolutely trust, as they could damage your website..

What about updates and backups?

With our maintenance plan your site will be updated when new versions of the software that manage it are released, and we will make monthly backups so you can be assured that in the event something breaks, there is a backup that can be restored easily.

Can't I do this myself?

Sure. There are plenty of “build your own website” companies out there, and many of them have a free option (usually with their ads on your page), but to get rid of the ads and unlock the better features like email and decent storage you wind up paying $15 – $49 per month ($180 – $588 per year) or more for as long as you use their service. I’m not one to run down the competition, the bigger companies are all legit. These are referred to as “hosted” sites.

The first difference between a hosted site and a self hosted service like South Metro Web Designs is that with most of the hosted companies you are locked in with their proprietary system. If you ever want to move away to another provider you have to start over. You can’t take your site with you. With a self hosted company like South Metro Web Designs you are free to move your site to another host if you’re not completely satisfied.

The second difference is, with a do it yourself site, you have to do it yourself. You become the design/maintenance/IT person for your company. You get to make all the changes, and  if something goes wrong, you get to fix it. This may be something you want to do, but it may not. If you’re in the second category, South Metro Web Designs is here for you.

What about maintenance?

We offer a website maintenance plan for $349 per year (Could be higher for custom built and e-commerce sites). This also includes hosting and all software licenses. We will keep WordPress and all plugins updated (and determine if it isn’t wise to update quite yet!); test questionable updates off of the main site; make monthly backups; confirm that the security certificates have been issued each month; Monitor site so we will be notified when anyone with administrator access logs in; Create monthly reports of your site’s activity; and for customers who need it, upload or swap out documents (photo, video, and text)  that you provide (limited to 12 per year). Don’t need a maintenance plan? Ad hoc maintenance starts at $49 per event.
Costs for excessive or major changes to the website will be quoted upon demand. This includes correcting any changes to the website not made by us. Keep your login and password secure, don’t give it to anyone.
Of course, with a hosting plan from South Metro Web Designs, if anything goes wrong, we will be there to fix it.

How will people find my website?

We will submit your website to both Google and Bing. Of course, we cannot control how you will rank on any search engine.

We will make sure all relevant keywords are included on your site (what you do, your service area, etc.) so that when people search for those terms they can find you.

Fast service – Up front pricing – No hidden fees.

(770) 692-0075

Web sites are built with WordPress and Elementor Pro with custom HTML and CSS. If you choose to use another hosting company, both WordPress and Elementor pro must be installed on that host for complete functionality. WordPress is free, Elementor Pro is $49/annually.

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to call or email. We will be happy to assist.