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How Much Does A Website Cost?

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In this article I’m going to try to explain how a site is created, and why it’s difficult to come up with a website cost, and how you can still able to get an up front price.

This is one of the most common questions asked of website companies. And it’s one of the hardest to answer. It’s like asking “how much does a house cost?”

The costs of either depend on many of the same things, including size and scope.

Let’s look into what goes into creating a website.

The Domain Name

First there is the domain name (see our article here on domains). That is the first thing that has to happen. A domain name (or names) has to be chosen.

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Then comes hosting (read this about hosting). Simply put, a web host is a server where the files and software that make up your website reside.

Development And Design

determining website cost

Once those two things are in place, the website company will go about installing all of the software that will run your website. this is the development part of building a site.

Simultaneously while all of this is going on, the design portion of the project starts. The designer will work with you to determine what you want your website to look like. Maybe they will ask you to identify some sites that appeal to you so they can get a feel for what would please you.

Once a rough layout is chosen, the designer may make a “wireframe” of what your site will look like. This format is easier to make changes to before starting on the site itself. When the wireframe is approved, they will then start the design of your site.

See this article for a more in depth explanation of the website design procedure.

So it’s kind of like building a house. there are many steps to take before the builder can turn over the keys to you. That’s why it’s hard to give you a fixed price on a house, or a website cost.

Or to save money you could just buy a pre-owned house. One that the previous owners are selling so they maybe can move into a bigger one.

And there’s the one big difference: You can’t go out and buy a used website. Companies don’t sell their site when they are finished with it. You have to start anew.

Or do you?


One way to cut costs when building a house is to use a blueprint that the builder already has. That way you’re not paying an architect to draw up new plans. The builder will have the ability to tailor the existing plans to your wants and needs, such as colors, flooring, appliances, doors & windows, etc., so the house is still custom to you, and not an exact copy of someone else’s.

We can do that with websites too. They are called “templates”, or pre-built designs. Templates are in effect blueprints to a website. And just like a blueprint to a house, they can be customized to the desires of the owner. Colors, photos, fonts, etc. See our templates here.

South metro web designs' templates

A Set Website Cost

We at South Metro Web Designs offer up front pricing on all websites built from our in-house created templates. $295 for a one page site, $99 for each additional page.

Your website should be one of the most important aspects in the advertising of your business, whether you choose to build from scratch, or use a pre-made template, make sure your site reflects your company. This is likely the first impression a potential customer will see. Don’t let an ugly and poorly made website turn them away.

If you have any questions about this or any other topics, email me at, or call me at 770-692-0075.

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