Maintenance Plan

Our maintenance plan starts at $349 per year (Cost could be higher depending on the size and scope of your site), this includes hosting if you host through us, and all software licenses.

We keep WordPress and all software/plugins updated (and determine if it isn’t wise to update quite yet); test questionable updates off of the main site; make monthly backups; confirm that the security certificates have been issued each month; and for customers who need it, upload or swap out documents (photo, video, and text) that you provide (limited to 12 changes per year).

Hosting with us is included in the maintenance plan along with all software licenses, otherwise hosting is $79 per year, and software licenses start at $49 per year.

Without a maintenance plan, Ad Hoc maintenance starts at $49 per event.

Major changes and/or additions to the site will be quoted on demand, including corrections to changes not made by us.

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